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Tire Business Data Store FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use the Tire Business Data Store?

The Tire Business Data Store includes a searchable database that provides access to our published data in Excel and other formats for purchase to download and use on your computer. The search tools will allow you to search and filter our data resources by:

  • Keyword
  • Category
  • Year of publication

Your search will return a list of data resources that match your criteria. To learn more about any item in the list, you can click on:

  • Resource name: opens a complete information and order page for that resource.
  • View description: expands to show a brief description of resource contents without opening a new page
  • View full details: opens a complete information and order page for that resource.


Please note that by accessing datasets or tools offered in the Tire Business Data Store, you agree to our Tire Business Terms of Use Policy, which you should read before purchasing any data.

If there are additional data resources that you would like to see included on this site or if you would like to purchase a specific combination of data resources, please contact us with any questions or suggestions at

What information is available about resources in the Data Store?

When you click on the resource name or View Full Details links , you will be taken to a page featuring all relevant information about the specific data product, including:

  • description of data resource, including date published, source and overall description of information included
  • format(s) available to download
  • price by format
  • number of data records included in download
  • data fields included in download
  • some data resources offer a sample view, displaying a small sample of data records

What is the purpose of the Get Sample link?

Some data resources offer a sample view, displaying a small sample of data records allowing visitors to review fields and data prior to purchase.


What is a data resource?

Data resources available in the Tire Business Online Data Store can include Excel and/or pdf versions of information white papers, electronic data products, etc. published in or developed for Tire Business readers, including:

  • Lists and Rankings published in Tire Business issues or online
  • Special Reports including the Market Data Book, Global Tire Report, etc.
  • Statistics published in Tire Business issues or online
  • White Papers on various business topics
  • Webinars on various business topics
  • Conference Papers presented at a Crain Communications sponsored conference

Where do the data resources in the Tire Business Data Store come from?

Data Resources are drawn from sources including but not limited to: original research (including proprietary surveys and interviews), U.S. Census Data, U.S. Commerce Dept. Data, U.S. Department of Transportation Data, Rubber Manufacturers Association Data, Rubber Association of Canada data and data sourced from publicly available company reporting.


How is information added to the Tire Business Data Store?

Upon publication in Tire Business or to, information is formatted and posted to allow purchasers to download and use directly on their computer.


Can I get the information on the Tire Business Data Store anywhere else?

The data resources on the Tire Business Data Store are copyrighted content published in the print and online edition of Tire Business or developed specifically for Tire Business readers and are not available elsewhere in these formats.


What if I am having difficulty downloading a data resource that I've purchased?

If you have any difficulty downloading a Data Store purchase please contact us at 1-877-824-9379 or for assistance.


How often is new information added to the Tire Business Data Store?

The Tire Business Data Store is updated frequently with Special Reports and Data Resources that appear in our print and online edition of Tire Business. If you would like to receive alerts about upcoming or recent additions and updates, you can register to receive our Data Store electronic newsletter, which is distributed monthly – or to announce any significant updates to existing products. Click here to sign up for our Data Store email newsletter.


What if a data resource I purchase is updated?

We may update certain data resources as new information becomes available. If you have purchased a data resource that is updated at any time within 12 months from your purchase date, we will alert you to the update via the email address you provided in your online registration and provide a link to download the most recent file.


How do I recover a data resource I purchased?

Data Store purchases are recorded in your account profile. You may access any data resources at any time and, if necessary, download the files again for 12 months from the date of purchase.

  • To access your Data Store purchases, log into your online account and click on the "View Previous Purchases" link.
  • Click on any purchase to view history and re-download (for up to one year from date of purchase.


How do I purchase a Package Discount product?

Data resources published together in certain Special Reports may be offered as a group at a discounted Package Discount price. The download will include multiple files delivered in a ZIP folder, requiring use of a ZIP utility to open and access the files.


How do I download a ZIP file?

Some products are offered for sale on the Data Store with a "Package Discount" and are delivered in a ZIP file, similar to a briefcase or folder which contains multiple compressed data files. To open and extract the separate files:

  • You will need a utility that can 'unzip' a compressed zip file.
  • If you don't have a copy of a "zip" utility you will need to download one. Some options which offer free trial version downloads include: WinZIP, WinRAR
    • Once you've downloaded and installed the ZIP utility:
      • open your Zip file by double-clicking it.
      • commonly, one of two prompts will then appear:
        • "Unzip or install from an existing Zip file" in the WinZip Wizard.
        • This Wizard will then walk you through the steps to unzip-extract the files.
  • "Extract files to..." in the WinRAR Wizard.
    • Just like WinZip software, you will be prompted for the next steps.
    • Give the utility several moments to do its job, and your files are now decompressed as separate complete files.
      • You now use those files like you would any other files.
      • If you want, you may also delete the Zip original file to now save space

How do I update information in my online account?

If you would like to update your account information (password, billing information, e-newsletter selections, etc.) you can manage your account by clicking here to log into your account.


What if I have questions not addressed here?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1-877-824-9379 or for assistance.

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