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5 Tips to Growing Your Online Tire Sales

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5 Tips to Growing Your Online Tire Sales

Today, more than 80% of consumers search for tires online, but only 10% actually take the plunge and make a purchase. However, buyer behavior is shifting, especially among Millennials. According to eBay Motors’ recent Automotive DIY Study, 46% of Millennials prefer to purchase their auto parts and accessories online. Whether they’re looking for convenience, price or selection, the tire industry is ripe for new selling opportunities online.

At eBay, we believe online tire sales are at an inflection point. Similar to the growth phenomenon we’ve seen in other categories, including books, mobile phones and tickets, tire sales have grown on our platform 5x in the last 7 years, with a wheel or tire being sold every seven seconds. In this webinar, eBay Motors’ Director of Parts and Accessories Marie Niewiroski will provide insight into consumer expectations for buying tires online, as well as share specific tips tire sellers can use to exponentially grow their tire sales online. Additionally, she’ll discuss new trends on the horizon for the industry based on the current landscape of other categories.

Watch the on-demand webinar HERE.

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