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2018 Global Tire Report - The World's Tire Production Facilities by Region - Excel

Date Published August 27, 2018
Category Lists and Rankings, Special Reports, Statistics

The 33rd Global Tire Report features -  The world's tire production facilities, by region.  This asset is in Excel format.  The fields in this file are:

  • Company/Plant Location
  • Year opened
  • DOT codes
  • Employees (u=unionized)
  • Tire Types
  • Estimated capacity

These tables list worldwide tire manufacturing plants, divided into six geographical regions: North America, comprising the U.S., Canada and Mexico; Latin America, including Central and South America; Europe, including Russia and most of the former Soviet Bloc nations; Asia, including China, India, Japan, the Pacific Rim and former states of the Soviet Union located in Asia, Africa and the middle East.