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27th Annual Market Data Book - Tire Market Statistics and Rankings Booklet

Date Published March 8, 2017
Category Lists and Rankings, Statistics

 2017 Market Data Book: A comprehensive 20-page Tire Market Statistics and Rankings booklet.

This booklet includes exclusive Tire Business statistics and listings published in the Feb. 13, 2017 Market Data Book issue including: 

  •     U.S. replacement passenger tire shipments from manufacturers
  •     Manufacturers' shipments of U.S. replacement light truck tires
  •     Top North American retailers
  •     Tire Market Facts by region
  •     Tire makers' DOT codes expanded
  •     Largest North American Retreaders
  •     Tire maker profitability
  •     Top five issues facing automotive aftermarket
  •     Global Tire Company Rankings

    And much more, please see sample for additional information