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2015 Global Tire Plant Listings

Date Published September 11, 2015
Category Lists and Rankings, Special Reports

2015 Global Tire Plant Listings

Listing of all pneumatic tire plants worldwide.

This list has been updated and can now be sorted on any of the provided data fields: Continent, Country, Company, Plant Location/City, Network, year opened, DOT code(s) assigned, number of employees, unionized, type(s) of tires produced, plant capacity. (Published 8/31/2015)Fields In This List• Continent• Country• Company• Plant Location/City• Network• Year opened• DOT code(s) assigned• Number of employees• Unionized• Type(s) of tires produced• Plant capacity

Fields In This List

Continent, Country, Company, Plant, Location/City, Network, Year opened, DOT code(s) assigned
• Number of employees
• Unionized
• Type(s) of tires produced
• Plant capacity